How PayPal Works Exactly for Etsy Sellers – All You Need to Know

Are you an Etsy seller? Do you want to know more about how PayPal works for the Etsy sellers? Discover all important information you need to know here!  

PayPal plays an important role in the Etsy transactions. That is why you need to understand how PayPal works.

First of all, PayPal serves as an alternative wherein Etsy sellers may pay their monthly fees or bills including fees for relisting a product, transaction, billing, and etc. So, instead of using your credit card, you can use PayPal and pay for your Etsy costs. If you want to use this option, you need to keep in mind that the money will be deducted from your PayPal account, so you need to ensure that you have enough finances available on your PayPal account, in order for the transactions to be successful.

Second, of all, buyers may choose to pay Etsy sellers via PayPal for the products they want to buy. When opening an Etsy store, it is highly recommendable to offer this option to your buyers as lots of potential buyers on Etsy are looking for this payment method. The reason for this is because is the most secure method of payment and has a professional resolution center so solve any kind of problems with money transactions. There are no fees from Etsy for using PayPal as your payment method, however, PayPal will charge you a certain fee on the funds received.

A new and advanced feature for Etsy sellers with the merchant PayPal accounts is the option to print and ship directly from the PayPal console. This alternative or easy-to-use shopping method involves UPS account rates or discounted USPS. The UPS rates may take a certain time for approval and the discounts are based on the number of packages you ship per week. This option, allows Etsy sellers to print postage labels for almost all of their packages and to use giveaway advantages such as free delivery confirmation on priority USPS mailings. PayPal also provides you the option to track your packages, which is pretty convenient for both sellers and buyers. All you need to do is to click the “track” button and you will have peace of mind, knowing that the package is on its way and is going to reach its final destination on time.

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If you decide to use PayPal as your payment method, it will bring you lots of benefits, including increased number of customers and sales!